Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Chic Summer Wine Charms

Joanna Buchanan Coral Wine Charms

Whether I am entertaining at CCC or running one of my gourmet wine tasting and food pairing parties, I always use wine charms. They look great and are essential for people keeping track of their own wine glass.

I have high/medium/low sets I love depending on the occasion, all with beach themes.

These coral enamel ones are so beautiful! I use these for dinner parties at CCC.

Set of 6 Joanna Buchanan Coral Wine Charms

I love these for wine in the lanai at CCC - 

On the Beach Wine Charms - Set of 6

I bought these for my wine tasting group - 30 for under $9 and they are really nice - they look much more expensive -



  1. My mother always used wine charms on coffee mug handles when using matching mugs.

    1. Really cool idea! I will use it when the children and grands visit. Thank you

  2. They are also great to use as little napkin rings. Especially for casual summer lunches or suppers on the lanai using good quality paper napkins.