Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Cheeky Beachy Needlepoint


I so love needlepoint. It has had a huge resurgence of late with the popularity of Grandmillenial Style and Coastal Grandmother Style. I have found some wonderful needlepoint pillows that have a cheeky, beachy, modern vibe. These are so fun!

"Make a statement with these charming-meets-chic needlepoint pillows. Hand embroidered in wool and backed in luxe velvet, we've revived this Southern staple with sayings that are sure to get a smile.

Each of our needlepoint pillows take approximately 20 hours to hand stitch creating a very unique and special accessory for your home. They are guaranteed to spark joy and make the perfect gift!"

Any of these would make a great gift for yourself or a fabulous hostess gift.

Shady Beach Needlepoint Pillow

Not My Circus Needlepoint Pillow

Leopard Print Needlepoint Pillow

Champagne Needlepoint Pillow

Overthink Needlepoint Pillow

Both Be Wrong Needlepoint Pillow

This might be my favorite - 

Reservations Needlepoint Pillow

With The Little Mermaid movie so popular, this made me laugh out loud - 

Where the People Aren't Needlepoint Pillow

See the entire collection here - there are lots!


  1. They are all wonderful - I can't decide.

  2. Love them all. I really like needlepoint as well.