Sunday, May 28, 2023

Setting the Summer Table

Sarah Bray Bermuda for Aerin

Setting the table here in South Florida, more and more I am using beautiful seashells as a centerpiece - usually either coral or large conch shells, with bud vases with a single bloom -  white oriental lilies as used here are a lovely choice. Wherever you live, this is a wonderful look for setting the summer table.

It is a very economical choice too - a single bunch from the grocery store is more than ample. I love to coordinate the shell and flower colors - white Casa Blanca lilies with white coral, pink Stargazer lilies with  pink coral or conch shells, blue hydrangeas with blue coral.

I love using blue or blue and white bud vases - they always work with my colors.

Melissa Bud Vase

Set of 3 Blue and White Canton Vases

Set of 3 Blue and White Bud Vases

Set of 3 Blue and White Bud Vases

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