Friday, May 12, 2023

Pink Light Bulbs - Restocked!!!!!

Pink Light Bulbs

These very elusive 60 watt incandescent pink light bulbs have just restocked. I have tried loads of LED bulbs, and they are all truly awful in my opinion. So I have stocked up on incandescent bulbs to last me for years and years as their sale will be illegal starting in July.

If you would like to read my previous post on this topic, click here. So my advice is so grab as many of these babies as you can. When they are gone, they may well be gone forever. This is for a pack of 2 with free shipping.  

G.E. 60 Watt Pink Light Bulbs - Pack of 2

I found this 1956 ad for my favorite Sylvania pink light bulbs that were discontinued several years ago.

1956 Sylvania Advertisement


  1. You must have bought all of them. They’re out of stock. 😳😊

    1. No, they just sell out VERY fast when I post on them. I will post again if they restock.

  2. I came late to the party too, and missed being able to buy them. Oh well.

  3. Shoot. I missed out too. I hate LED light bulbs with a passion.