Thursday, May 25, 2023

Palm Beach Style

One Kings Lane

I love this vignette from OKL exemplifying Florida style - a Chinese porcelain double gourd vase with palm fronds cut from the garden, a shell encrusted bust, and seashells....

The palm fronds are from a saw palmetto - I have a massive one in my backyard with hundreds of fronds providing a weekly supply for my home. 

Chilled beverages are a necessity in the heat - a pitcher of iced tea and a chilled bottle of white wine. Did you know that a pinch of baking soda will neutralize the tannins in fresh brewed iced tea taking away the bitterness and also removes any cloudiness?

Here are some accessories I would love for this vignette - 

Faux Bamboo Wine Coaster

Blue Faux Bamboo Pitcher

Under the Sea Set of 4 Blue Fish Design Glasses

Kim Seybert Indochine Cocktail Napkins

A follower recommended this book featuring 35 DIY shell projects. Shell "objets" like the shell bust above are incredibly expensive to purchase, and I am interested in reading this book to learn techniques for creating my own. Projects include a chandelier and a folding screen.

Shell Chic by Marlene Hurley Marshall


  1. I totally loved the Kim Seybert Cocktail Napkins - and purchased them, and had them framed individually between clear glass with simple black frames. They look fabulous in my kitchen !

  2. Great post. Everything looks so fresh, luscious and ready for summer time. I love the OKL table vignette. Thank you for the baking soda tip. I will give it a try. Gorgeous aquamarine glasses. Even though I already have a sinful amount of design books, I will add it to my Amazon cart.