Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Chic DIY Wallpaper Choices

Harrison Howard Ocean Wonders Collection

Fans of the brilliant artist Harrison Howard will be delighted to learn that he has a line of wallpaper.

They are peel and stick, so perfect for DIY and quite affordable. Made of vinyl, these would be great for places like the kitchen, butler's pantry, powder room, bathroom, or bedroom. Or use it to back bookshelves or a breakfront or a pantry.

The wallpaper above is the color Luna from the Ocean Wonders Collection. Find it here.

Also available in these colorways.

Ocean Wonders Collection Ebony

Ocean Wonders Collection Tiffany

And this stunning chinoiserie wallpaper - 

East of the Moon Collection Porcelain

East of the Moon Collection Nightfall

And these wonderful designs - 

Night in India Collection Dawn

Enchanted Garden Collection Robin's Egg

Enchanted Garden Collection Cloud

Enchanted Garden Collection Primavera

Leave a comment with ideas on where you would use these wallpapers to give us all inspiration.


  1. Hi Beth I think i'll make a room screen. Have three panels of MDF cut to size of paper or whatever size you want and hinges. paint screen and paper with choice of these papers.they will cut MDF at no cost at large home supply stores.Gorgeous!

    1. A room screen would be wonderful. These wallpapers are gorgeous.

  2. These are fabulous! Thank you so much for posting. I do a lot of decoupage. Want to try a piece with these!!!!

    1. I used to do lots of decoupage and love it. Fabulous idea.

  3. Hi Beth👋,
    ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WEBSITE❣️ You sent pictures of other wallpapers awhile back...I looked through your past posts and having a difficult time finding the other wall papers you have shown in the past...I did find the banana leaf 🍃 and the Scalamandre dragons (which I immediately purchased) but there was another article that you featured some other wall papers for a powder room...Can you tell me where to loom on your blogs to find it again? Thanks so very much💙 Susan Mozaffari

    1. In the sidebar to the right where it says Search the Blog type in wallpaper.

  4. His work is beautiful. I have never heard of him until now.

  5. What a wonderful powder room paper. and the screens sound great.

  6. I am so happy to see this post because I had no idea that these papers existed. I have two armchairs, an ottoman and several pillows done in the fabric East of the Moon in the black Colorway. I don’t know exactly where I will put the peel and stick but I will figure something out! The fabric is wonderful, too btw.

  7. My powder room at the beach!

  8. Enchanted Garden in "Primavera" will be going in the bathroom of my 17ft renovated camper.
    The other colors in the camper are a Sky Blue & white in place of bla bla biege / a manure brown !