Saturday, April 15, 2023

The Perfect Summer Blanket


If you are looking for the perfect warm weather blanket or the best Mother's Day gift, my choice would be a ChappyWrap blanket. The ideal blanket, there is only one problem with them. Once you get one, everyone in your household will want one and you will never want to sleep with another blanket. They are addictive. 

ChappyWraps are plush, soft, warm, yet not heavy. They wear like iron and machine wash and dry. I use mine not only on my beds, but for the beach, tailgating, picnicking, the car, pets, and the lanai. Their collection now includes lots of botanical prints and pastels that I love.


Here are some beautiful choices for spring and summer.

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Lupines Blanket

Garden Gate Blue Blanket

Classic Gingham Sky Blanket

Hydrangeas Light Blue Blanket

Harborview Herringbone Lavender Blanket

Brewster Scallops Light Pink Blanket

Coral Plunge Blanket

These would be so fabulous for a child's bedroom or grandkid's guest bedroom in a beach house. 

Flamingos Midi Blanket

Alligators Midi Blanket

This is my pup Harper's very own mini ChappyWrap.

Hugs and Kisses Mini Blanket

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  1. Beth , you are 100% correct ! A few months ago I bought one for our great room , really for my use ! Family all love it “ it’s so soft , it’s so warm , it’s so comfortable and it’s so beautiful !! Today I received mail from CHAPPYWRAPS and plan to order both daughters one for Christmas . Thanks to you we will all be warm and happy !