Sunday, February 19, 2023

Under the Sea

de Gournay

Veranda has named seashells and sea life as one of the top decorating trends for Spring 2023. Sounds great to me, as since moving to Florida I can't get enough of this look.

A gorgeous balance of moiré, embroidery and beadwork, de Gournay's Amami Waves wallcovering (pictured above) is a feat of handcrafted beauty. Sea life has never been so enticing as with this delicately colored underwater wonderland, which was inspired by Japanese kimonos and the designs of Edo period artist Ito Jakuchu.

Here are some other wonderful choices to bring this look to your home.

Marigot Seashell Mirror

Bayview Shell Chandelier

Harbor Shell Chandelier

Large Clam Shell

Water Hyacinth Fish Placemats

Water Hyacinth Turtle Placemats

Large Koi Ginger Jar

Seashell Placecard Holders

Shells by Joyce Tenneson

Koi Garden Stool

1 comment:

  1. I’m obsessed with shell art and want to make my own large scale works like palm trees made of shells on the wall!