Wednesday, February 1, 2023

My Top Ten Valentine Gifts

Paulo Bendandi

Red roses are of course a traditional gift for Valentine's Day, but with prices at florists of about $100 for a dozen long stemmed red roses in many areas, here are some other great options I would love to receive starting under $10.00.

1. Florist's roses are not from secret sources - they have the same sources everyone else has. Buy yours from places like Trader Joe's, Publix, and Costco. And they don't have to be red which are at a premium for Valentine's Day. I prefer pink, peach, or white anyway. Even more special, give them in a blue and white ginger jar. 

2. A bottle of my favorite perfume Fracas, definitely one of the most romantic scents every created.

Fracas Eau De Parfum

3. Pink Ombré Earrings for the earring lover like me.

4. Weezie's new scalloped French Terry Robe in pink and red. This can be monogrammed. Get $25 off your first Weezie purchase over $150 with my code by clicking here.

French Terry Robe in Pink with Red

5. Pink heart shaped sunglasses under $10 - I have these in every color.

Pink Heart Shaped Sunglasses

6.  Ditch matches and disposable lighters for these wonderful flameless USB rechargeable lighters in rose gold.

Electronic Lighters in Rose Gold

7. Sleeper Feather Party Pajamas you wear out - very chic and very popular - I have them in this color and black and love them!

Sleeper Feather Party Pajamas

8. This stunning Guipure Lace Mason Top in Hibiscus.

Hibiscus Guipure Mason Top

9. This Chandon Rosé Brut Champagne is wonderful and under $20. 

Chandon Brut Rosé Champagne

10. A bottle of this wonderful tropical liquer made with French Cognac. Great for making tropical drinks and fabulous on your bar cart.

Pinaq Rosé

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