Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Blue & White & Chinoiserie & Shells

Amanda Lindroth - Veranda

This blue and white bedroom with blue and white Chinese porcelain and a stunning shell mirror is such a lovely example of the perfect pairing of seashells and chinoiserie. There is a big shell show in Sarasota this weekend and I am excited to go and learn more and perhaps add a beautiful shell or two to my collection. Did you know that there are more than 100,000 known species of shells?

How is this for inspiration from a recent Florida seashell show? So gorgeous...


Here are more photos of the Amanda Lindroth bedroom and en suite.

Amanda Lindroth - Veranda

Check out the coral chandelier in the wonderful blue and white and coral bathroom. The settee is very pretty, but I'm not sure I get the concept of sitting on a settee in the bathroom. But coral is such a perfect accent color with blue and white.

Amanda Lindroth - Veranda

This seashell mirror gets rave reviews and is quite similar to the one shown above and is very well priced (and on sale). Most I have seen like this are many thousands of dollars. It would be quite dramatic too at over four feet tall.

Marigot Shell Wall Mirror

My Bosch dishwasher will finally be delivered and installed today - I ordered it over a year ago - January of 2022. That was quite a wait! I hope my roof tiles for my new roof don't take that long. 



  1. Sea shells are so fascinating! this post reminded me of a visit near Pittsburgh where I stopped by Nemacolin resort - they have an eclectic art collection including a small room displaying shells - an unexpected treat!

  2. beautiful room. I got a Bosch diswasher after being on a wait list after 60 people ahead of me and I LOVE IT! Changed my life.

  3. The window treatment might be a little too frilly for me personally, but the room is just lovely, especially the wallpaper and shell mirror. I love sea shells. They are one of natures beautiful gifts, but I've never in my life heard of a shell show before, until now, but I live in the pacific northwest - an area not especially known for magnificent shells.

    One of your posts, not too long ago, mentioned a shell store in your neck of the woods. I googled it and found their site. They had gorgeous shells, but now I cannot remember the name of it! Do you recall it's name?

    The coral chandelier is spectacular! I'm not sure I understand the concept of a settee in the bathroom either, but I love it, nevertheless.

    Bosch dishwashers are "the bomb", Beth. You won't be sorry you bought one!

    1. I live in Victoria British Columbia and am hoping Beth will mention the name of the shell store again. I can't live without shells!

    2. She Sells Sea Shells located in Sanibel and online.