Thursday, January 19, 2023

Wicker Basket High/Low

Mark D. Sikes for Chaddock Home

I love large baskets - for faux or real trees and plants, logs, blankets, beach towels, dog toys - they are so multi-functional.

This one from Mark Sikes for Mainly Baskets is gorgeous, but at $528, a tad pricey.

Mark D. Sikes Signature Basket

This rattan handled one is similar and priced at $60 with free shipping to your home. It's a really beautiful basket in person with a vintage French feel to it and a great price.

Large Rattan Weave Tapered Basket

Speaking of blankets, ChappyWrap is having a Warehouse Sale with savings up to 50% off. Use code EXTRA20 for an extra 20% off until 11:59 ET tonight. Click here. (The website has a code for an extra 10% off - this is a special code for an 20% off good today).

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