Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Chinoiserie Jewelry

Julie Vos

Faux bamboo enamel jewelry? Yes please. I love Julie Vos jewelry and recently added this Bamboo Ring Trio in the Chalcedony Blue on the right to my collection of enamel jewelry.

It is also available in Ivory, Bahamian Blue and Coral. Which color is your favorite? For a modern look, size up a ring size to wear them on your middle or index finger which is what I did. They are very delicate and elegant and play well with other rings and jewelry.

Ivory Bamboo Ring Trio

Chalcedony Bamboo Trio Ring

Bahamian Blue Bamboo Trio Ring

Add a bamboo bangle for a gorgeous look.

Bamboo Bangle

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  1. Very pretty! My fav is the Bahamian blue.

  2. Love these rings!
    I have a forearm full of Julia Voss bracelets & bangles, mostly in chalcedony blue. A few of her necklaces too. Fun & great looking.