Thursday, January 12, 2023

Resort Collection Blankets


Resort collection blankets? When I moved to South Florida, I had a challenging time finding a blanket that was soft and warm and cozy year round, but the ideal weight so I don't get overheated here. Once I discovered ChappyWraps I knew I had found the perfect blanket. Now I use one for sleeping, for naps, for reading, for the lanai when it is chilly, for picnics, at the beach, in my guest bedrooms, even the doggies have one. It really is the best blanket you can buy, no matter the climate where you live.

They just launched a wonderful resort collection that I absolutely love. The colors and patterns work so well in Florida and at CCC, and will likely work well for many of you as well.

Resort Collection

"Nothing says resort glamour like the ever-present palm—and our playful take is one you can take home to let your vacation vibes live on and on. Designed in collaboration with Look Linger Love."
Bay Street Palms Blanket

" It’s island time, all the time with this easygoing ode to the lazy currents of shoreline reefs and days spent seaside. Let it lull you into the sweetest daydreams of your next beach holiday away. Designed in collaboration with Look Linger Love. "

"Take the plunge into out-of-office mode with a pattern just abstract enough to fit into any space—and just evocative enough to carry your mood to your favorite cabana. Designed in collaboration with Look Linger Love."

Coral Plunge Blanket

"We heard through the grapevine: You’re ready for a little escape. Keep that getaway feeling year round when you instantly refresh your surroundings with this serene botanical. Designed in collaboration with Look Linger Love. "

Dancing Vines

I think one of these beautiful wicker baskets would be great with a collection of ChappyWraps rolled up for storage and to display them.

Large Rattan Weave Tapered Basket

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