Wednesday, January 4, 2023

January Organizing - Kitchen Towels


Are your kitchen towels in disheveled stacks in a kitchen drawer? Here is a much better way to organize them and some ideas for upgrading your kitchen towels as well. (Turn your tattered ones into rags for cleaning and polishing projects).

I love this standing method - you can see each towel at a glance.

Fold the towel the long way, so it looks like a long rectangle. 

Next, fold it the short way (so that the rectangle is half as long now). 

Then, fold the towel into thirds.

Conduct the stand test to make sure the towel can confidently stand on its own. 

Fold all the remaining towels the same way.

Stand all your neatly folded towels up in a basket or in a drawer.

Be pleasantly surprised every time you go to grab one. 


(via Marie Kondo - Kitchn)

And some great ideas for refreshing your collection including some chinoiserie choices.

First, 15 blue and white cotton towels for $14.99.

15 Pack Blue and White Towels

Famille Rose Kitchen Towels

Ginger Jar Tea Towels

These next towels come in a set of 6 in dozens of colors and patterns to coordinate with your kitchen.

Set of 6 Cotton Kitchen Towels in Pink French Stripe

Southern Living Gingham Grand Kitchen Towel

These are my favorites at CCC and they have been out of stock for ages and have finally restocked. They are linen and very elegant - I use them as napkins, kitchen towels, and hand towels.

Linen Kitchen Towels in Wide Blue Stripe

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  1. What marvelous (and reasonably priced) finds! Thanks so much.