Wednesday, January 25, 2023

A Faux Olive Tree Find

Faux Olive Tree

Faux olives trees have become wildly popular in home decor. They are chic, elegant, and the essence of Tuscany. Their muted sage color and delicate and feathery foliage make them easy to use in any room. They work with traditional or modern decor. And the olive tree symbolizes peace, wisdom, and tranquility. Searches on the internet for faux olive trees are up over 900% over a year ago.

I live in Venice, so an olive tree is a natural for CCC. I found this one and it is a steal! I bought a pair for my kitchen. The size (40") is ideal for an island, kitchen counter, sideboard, entryway table, mantel, or centerpiece. They look great singly or in pairs. The black cement container is beautiful which is a rarity with faux plants. They use to sell this identical plant for $80 and it is now $40. Not on sale or clearance, just the new price. Reverse inflation which is very nice to see. Grab this before they change their mind - LOL.

This ships free to your home.

Threshold Faux Olive Tree

Threshold Faux Olive Tree



  1. LOVE those chinoiserie lanterns behind your countertop olive trees! It would be great to stumble onto a source for those. :-)

  2. Beth, Like the olive trees but I love the pagoda lanterns! Thank you for always coming up with great finds and imaginative decorating ideas.