Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Resort Style

Luna Caftan

Even before I moved to Florida, I loved the resort collections that come out this time of year, filled with happy colors and exuberant prints. Now that I live at the beach, this has become my look 24/7.

Here are some wonderful choices if you have an upcoming tropical vacation or live in a tropical climate. I love this caftan - it reminds me of vintage Emilio Pucci.

Luna Caftan in Pink Clockworks

Check out the entire Frances Valentine Vacation Edition - click here. There are lots of caftans if you are a fan like I am.

Frances Valentine Vacation Edition

Printfresh has come out with the cutest resort collection. 

Printfresh Resort Collection

I am obsessed with this new print called Snoozing Sloths - pink, palm fronds. and sloths - oh my!

Snoozing Sloths

Snoozing Sloths in Cami Cropped Pants Set

Get $15 off your first Printfresh order of $125 or more with my link here.

And J.Crew has some wonderful options - click here. I especially like this Rose Garden Collection.

Rose Garden Collection


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love every single thing on this post.

  2. They do look like Emilio Pucci! I love the Printfresh resort collection.

  3. Great choices Beth. I loved your designs and collections.