Saturday, November 26, 2022

Christmas Chinoiserie Chic DIY


I am not the biggest DIY person. When I do a DIY, I want it to be fast, easy, and with guaranteed success. Both of these projects basically involve a can of spray paint.

The first would be a fabulous DIY for the holidays. Take knobby branches from your yard (or order branches online like Manzanita) and spray them with red paint. Put them in a blue and white Chinese porcelain bowl or a ginger jar. Spray paint can be matte or gloss - both look great.

Here is more inspiration - 

Oscar de la Renta - Punta Cana

Sig Bergamin

This is one of my favorite Chinoiserie Christmas DIY. Grab a can of spray paint in glossy green and spray paint a Chinese vase stand and voila! Your ginger jars are ready for Christmas. Rust-Oleum spray paint in gloss is excellent.

Rust-Oleum Gloss Spray Paint in Spring Green

Measure the base of your ginger jar to determine the size you need.

5-1/2" Diameter Rosewood Stand

7-1/2" Diameter Rosewood Stand

9" Diameter Rosewood Stand


  1. Wow! Some great ideas here--thanks for sharing.

  2. Very pretty. (I am the same sort of DIY person as you are, Beth.)

  3. I love this! So going to do both projects. Love your blog; I always get so much great information. Thank you.