Monday, October 3, 2022

Velvet Loafers

Jack Rogers

I have posted before about how much I love Jack Rogers sandals, favorites of style icons like Jackie Kennedy. I am also a huge fan of their beautiful velvet loafers that can be worn indoors as velvet smoking slippers or out. I use mine for both and especially love my blue velvet ginger jar loafers.

They have even added two more colors in the embroidered ginger jar loafers and all colors are so pretty.

Velvet Ginger Jar Loafers

Jack Rogers has also come out with the most darling velvet loafers embroidered with many dog breeds.

Here is the Corgi, the late Queen Elizabeth's favorite breed. 

Corgi Embroidered Loafer

The pair I am really smitten with is the monogrammed velvet loafer. The only time I have ever had monogrammed shoes was when I was a teenager and and it was popular to have your saddle shoes embossed on the back with your initials.

Here are the Jack Rogers Monogrammed Velvet Loafers with a mockup of my monogram. These would make a great gift for the holidays (or for yourself of course). 

These loafers are very comfortable and can be dressed up or down. They are also very well priced - Stubbs and Wootton velvet slippers sell for more than three times the price of the Jack Rogers. 

Jack Rogers Monogrammed Velvet Loafers




  1. Oh, cute! Now, I'm waiting for the wire fox terrier!!—Shanna

    1. They will never have Japanese Chin - too obscure!

  2. Love the monogram velvet loafers!

  3. Just ordered the midnight blue with the golden doodle. 15% discount. Thank you as always, Beth.

  4. The Ladies that wear ALNORAL Sportwear & Dresses always wear lots of Jack Rogers Shoes in Old Palm Beach