Saturday, October 8, 2022

Styling the Wicker Pineapple

Amanda Lindroth

I love pineapples and have quite a collection at CCC. Long a symbol of welcome and hospitality, they also have a wonderful beachy island vibe, ideal for beach houses.

A favorite of mine is the wicker version by Amanda Lindroth, pictured above on this fireplace mantel. This is a great example of how to style a fireplace in the summer or at the beach.

Here are more ways to use this unique piece.

Amanda Lindroth

Amanda Lindroth

It is on a fabulous Tag Sale right now both on sale plus an additional 40% off taken in your cart. (Over 70% off). One or a pair would be wonderful for the Thanksgiving table for those celebrating Thanksgiving in the South or at the beach. I have this piece and it is such a favorite of mine.

Wicker Pineapple



  1. I found a water hyacinth pineapple a couple years ago at goodwill. I’ve been struggling with how to style just 1 so I’ve contemplated donating it back. Your post has me changing my tune though. Thanks!! xx