Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Heirloom Needlepoint Christmas Stockings

Bauble Stockings


Bauble stockings are petite needlepoint stockings meant to be used for the final special Christmas gift. Perhaps a surprise trip, event tickets, an engagement ring, a check, a membership, a piece of jewelry, not necessarily the most expensive gift, but the most thoughtful and meaningful.

Each Bauble Stocking is completely hand-stitched in Haiti through the company’s partnership with Good Threads Needlepoint, a certified Benefit Corporation that provides meals, tuition, books, housing, and a variety of other services to its community of 1,000+ stitchers, most of whom are single moms, and their families. Profits from each sale go to the Joan Rose Foundation in Jacmel, Haiti.

This is a wonderful family tradition to start, adding a new stocking each Christmas. Here are some favorites. New designs are added each year through designer collaborations. The stockings are 6" by 4." Click on the captions to link.

Festive Flamingos

A Pretty Pink Bow

Adoring Amaryllis

Perfect Posy Lily of the Valley

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Luck Be a Lady

A Grand Adventure

See the entire collection here. I think the flamingo and palm tree one would be perfect for CCC.


  1. I adore these! I just think they are so pretty, it's difficult to choose which one(s) to buy. Thank you for posting about them, Beth. BTW, do you have any new design books to recommend? There are so many beautiful ones out there. Also difficult to choose which ones to buy!

    1. I'll think about new design books and post on it - I always do for holiday gift giving.