Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Wicker Pumpkins High/Low

Terrain Wicker Pumpkins

Wicker pumpkins are great for indoor fall and Halloween decor. Here are wonderful high/low options for you.


Terrain has these beautiful wicker pumpkins in small and large. This large version is 7.5" high with a 10" diameter and is priced at $98.00.

Large Wicker Pumpkin in Dark


I posted on this one last week after I ordered a pair but before receiving them. They are beautiful in person. Here they are at CCC in my breakfast room.


These are larger than the "High" ones - 13.5" high and 12.75" wide and a fraction of the price - $30 (only available online BTW - free shipping with orders of $35).

Woven Rattan Wicker Pumpkin

This wicker pumpkin has a nice opening on the base, so they would be darling for Halloween used as hurricanes with a flameless battery candle inside (not a real candle!)

I have had great luck with these battery flameless candles. They are real wax, have a remote, timer, and are very well priced - a couple dollars a piece. I have had mine for going on three years.

Set of 12 Flameless Battery Real Wax Candles in Ivory


  1. Love your dining chairs. Do you mind sharing where you bought them? I made the mistake of using real wax battery-operated candles outside in direct sun. I won't do that again! I saw the wicker pumpkins at Target and they are as lovely as they look here.

    1. The Chinese Chippendale chairs are from Charlotte & Ivy - there is a link in my sidebar.

  2. Just noticed your “pagoda” doll house. I’m in love with miniatures, and you have some beautiful pieces in it.