Friday, September 9, 2022

God Save the Queen

Queen Elizabeth and Ronald Reagan at Windsor Castle


I will always remember the Queen with her horses and dogs and I hope she has been reunited with her beloved animals who have predeceased her. The Queen was known for her corgis, but she also had dorgis which began when one of her corgis accidentally mated with her sister's dachshund, as well as a cocker spaniel, a gift from Prince Andrew, and hunting dogs like Labrador retrievers. 

Her four remaining dogs, two corgis, a dorgi, and a cocker spaniel, will likely go to Prince Andrew or perhaps to William and Kate, depending on her wishes in her will. She also leaves behind over one hundred horses. Luckily, the Royals are all very much animal lovers like the Queen was. Charles and Camilla have two rescued Jack Russells. 

Rest In Peace. A job well done.

Queen Elizabeth with four of her dogs


  1. The last of the honorable and dignified monarchs ever. She had a great run and an enviable exit.

  2. Our Beautiful Queen. The Queen Loved Horses and Dogs, Al

  3. She was an amazing monarch. Not just the United Kingdom, but the entire world, will miss her very much.

  4. Lovely post. Thank you.