Thursday, September 8, 2022

Fall Footwear


I have posted several times about Rothy's, my go-to footwear that is eco-friendly, crazy comfortable, chic and cute as can be, and completely machine washable. Rothy's have already recycled 125,000,000 water bottles and counting!

Here is a comment a follower of CC left the other day.

"Beth, love LL Bean totes - have used them for years. But, actually wanted to comment on the Rothy’s shoes. I am so grateful you have written several posts about these amazing shoes. I was truly skeptical but ordered my first pair about six weeks ago. They were everything you said - and even more. Second pair was just delivered a few minutes ago. Honestly, they are the most comfortable little flats EVER, hands down. The shoes feel like the most comfortable slippers from the moment they come out of the box.

Plus, they are just cute!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!👍😊👍"

Here are some favorites of mine of their new arrivals. I love these houndstooth loafers.

Sapphire and Camel Houndstooth The Loafer

Iron Herringbone The Driver

Silver Metallic The Point

Cocoa Herringbone Flat

Check out all their new arrivals here.

If you are new to Rothy's, click here to get $20 off your first order. 

On a sad note, God Save the Queen as we await word on the health of Queen Elizabeth.


  1. I might have to try those Rothy’s but I’ve never been much of a flats girl. However, I’m not getting any younger and it s probably time to choose comfort!
    I too am worried about the Queen! I love her and she has served her country well for so long. Truly an icon.

    1. In DC I wore heels seven days a week, but in Florida people would think I am crazy to wear them. I love everything about Rothy's and now you can't get me in heels. So sad about the Queen.

    2. I ordered a pair and can’t wait to get them - was hoping they’d arrive before I Wednesday for a long weekend but I’m going to miss them by a day, darn it!

  2. Hi Beth, do you have an index or list of your previous posts? I am trying to find the one about the stove you chose & why. Any help is appreciated! I love your blog & it's my reward to read with my morning coffee after my exercises. Thank you, Donna (

    1. In my sidebar there is a place to search the blog by keywords. I sent you the link to the post by email. It is an LG induction range and I love it.