Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Fall Clothes ( My Style)

Frances Valentine

Fall colors have never been my thing - my wardrobe is basically devoid of beige, brown, burgundy, harvest gold, and olive green. The Frances Valentine Fall Collection is a dream - filled with pink, blue, plaids, metallic gold - all my favorites, but done in fall fabrics like corduroy and velvet and such.

Here are some wonderful pieces from the collection. Most of these are available in more than one color choice.

Finley Stretch Velvet Blazer in Hot Pink

Lucy Stretch Velvet Pant in Hot Pink

Sydney Quilted Peacoat in Platino

Skip Tote Soft Patent in Red

Britta Ruched Heel Metallic Leather in Platino

Ball Skirt Cabbage Rose Flocked Velvet

Sequin Barn Jacket in Black

Balmacaan Jacket in Navy

Barn Jacket in Double Wale Corduroy in Pink

Mae Jacket Boucle Wool in Yorkshire Plaid

Carlyle Panel Dress in Basketweave Plaid


  1. If I had to pick only one brand for all my clothes & shoes, it would be FV. Love everything they carry.

  2. Love the COLOR! I too am NOT an earth tone gal! I do have a few pieces of beige and navy b/c it's so hard to find colorful winter clothes up here in the upper MidWest

  3. BEAUTIFUL FALL 2022 CLOTHES! All The BEST Al Spokavicius