Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Chinoiserie Chiller - A Summer Necessity

Stylin Brunette

This is Stylin Brunette Kristel Powell with their new labradoodle Charlie. Such an adorable picture and you have to love the carrier for Charlie.

Want your own chinoiserie wine bucket/chiller? Here it is along with some other great choices. Click on the captions to link. These can be used as chillers for wine, Champagne, sparkling water, ice tea, lemonade, or as a flower vase. Or even to carry your new pup - LOL.

Canton Collection Wine Bucket

Aerin Ginger Jar Champagne Bucket

Famille Rose Champagne Bucket

Silver and Wicker Wine Chiller

Gold Bamboo Ice Bucket

Silver Nautilus Wine Bucket

Silver and Wicker Ice Bucket

Two's Company Champagne/Wine Bucket


  1. They are all very nice, but I'll take Charlie. He is precious!