Sunday, July 31, 2022

Furlow Gatewood & White Pagodas

Furlow's Folly

This vignette is from the collection of Furlow Gatewood and John Rosselli, their new collection of decorative painted hall chairs, pedestals, tables, consoles, and jardinières half a century in the making.

I especially like the pagoda - it looks ombréd to me going from white to shades of gray, which is quite unique. It is unfortunately not part of the collection - the beautiful Gothic Console and Peacock Palm Mirror are.

Speaking of white, I was never a big fan of decorating with white where in lived in the DC area - historic homes in Georgetown and Alexandria always seemed cold to me with a lot of white. But in Florida, I love white - it is wonderful with the blues of the ocean and greens of the palm trees and all the colorful flora and fauna.

I have found some white pagodas to share. I have posted several times on blue and white pagodas, but white is a wonderful alternative. Perfect with the light and bright look that is so popular. Click on the captions to link. This incredibly dramatic 7 tier white ceramic pagoda is four feet tall!

7 Tier White Pagoda

Or a 5 tier version that is 32" high.

5 Tier White Pagoda

This is a set of 2 in white matte ceramic 12" and 18" tall.

Set of 2 White Matte Ceramic Pagodas

Chelsea House White Pagoda Edged in Gold

White Pagoda Candle

Set of Three White Pagodas

White Pagoda Wall Mirror


  1. Dear Beth, Your reporting is Perfect & Fun! All the Best, Al

  2. Always so much fun to read! These pagodas are so lovely.