Thursday, July 14, 2022

Backgammon & Bocce


Summer is a great time for indoor and outdoor games, and there is no reason they can't be chic and stylish and blue!

Here are some wonderful options for indoors in the AC, or outdoors in the yard or at the beach.

I especially love backgammon and nice sets can be very pricey. This set is leather and suede, available in light blue and navy, and is even on sale.

Leather Backgammon in Light Blue

Leather Backgammon in Navy

Serena & Lily Bocce

Serena & Lily Bocce

SunnyLife Bocce

I had to add this - 2 sets of playing cards in a coastal palette with a navy blue carrying case - and on sale too.

Serena & Lily Playing Cards


  1. Seeing the bocce balls reminds me of youthful summers spent playing croquet. Thank you for the memory!

    1. I have a croquet court up the street with very serious players all in white. I might have to start playing.