Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Wicker Shell Handbag

Pamela Munson


I have been on the lookout for a wicker shell handbag. The combination of wicker and a seashell design makes for a perfect handbag for warmer weather and for beach holidays, or all year round for those of us in places like South Florida. I love this iconic Pamela Munson version above that manages to be quite formal and could easily be worn for dressy evening occasions as well as daytime.

Pamela Munson The Shell

Here are some other versions I really like. 

Poolside Anna Conch Shoulder Bag

Poolside Shell Rattan Handbag

Olli Ella Wicker Shell Purse - $55!

btb Los Angeles Shell Pearl Bag - this is 40% off and looks like Chanel

   This one below is straw with a rattan handle and it's on sale for $29.99!

Shell Shaped Straw Clutch


  1. Oh, that shoulder conch shell bag is my favorite!!! Great finds, Beth.

  2. Nothing says summer like wicker and straw bags and hats. I've had my eye on a Pamela Munson clutch, and I think I have to have it! My favorite of the ones you pictured is the Poolside conch bag.

  3. Love, LUV, love a wicker handbag or clutch for Spring & Summer. I have some vintage ELLIOTT LUCCA wicker bags that are just darling IMHO. Love your choices, too :)