Monday, March 28, 2022

The Academy Awards

Sharon Stone 1998 Academy Awards

I watched 5 minutes of the Oscars last night and gave up. Actually, I couldn't even make it through the Beyonce opening song. Words cannot express how annoying I find it all. But the Academy Awards being on did bring to mind one of my favorite Oscar moments - Sharon Stone in 1998 wearing a Gap white shirt with a Vera Wang skirt. Such glamorous irreverence. I personally love wearing a dressy long skirt with a white shirt. It's such a chic look. I even wore it once to a Presidential Inaugural Ball - a J. Crew white shirt with a huge navy blue silk taffeta ballgown skirt.

 Danielle Rollins seriously rocks this style - 

The key is that the shirt look just like a white tailored man's shirt - if it has anything feminine going on it ruins the aesthetic. And roll up the sleeves and unbutton some buttons! (Notice how Sharon Stone has the collar popped, cuffs rolled up, and buttons mostly undone creating a very flattering deep V).

Of course these shirts are a classic paired with anything for an effortlessly chic style.

J. Crew has some great options and these are favorites of mine. Click on the captions to link.

Relaxed Fit Washed Cotton Poplin Shirt

Classic Fit Crisp Cotton Poplin Shirt

Classic Fit Washed Cotton Poplin Shirt

And the Gap - 

100% Organic Cotton Perfect Shirt

100% Organic Cotton Big Shirt


  1. White shirts with important skirts is one of my all time favorite chic looks!

  2. Did you see Zendaya‘s outfit? It was definitely an homage to this look.

  3. A classic white shirt is a wardrobe staple.

    I tried watching the Oscars too, but only watched less than a minute of the opening ceremonies last night. I just had zero interest. I used to be a total movie buff. I've not seen one movie this year, although there are a few I would like to see. I don't know who half of the actors and stars are. I suppose that's a sign of my age. Things change and they are targeting a younger demographic. I like the old Hollywood, the Hollywood that existed long before my time.

    1. Lisa D. I totally agree with your assessment of the current Oscars and the old Oscars. I, too, had zero interest this year. But I did watch CODA, on Apple TV+ which is an excellent movie worth watching. I do not even know this year's winners. But I hope CODA did win an award.

    2. I had heard CODA was excellent, and I believe it did win an award, Beth, though I don't know which one.

    3. Yes, CODA won Best Picture - the first streaming service to win.

  4. Carolina Herrera was the first one I remember really rocking the white shirt

  5. I completely agree about your comment on the Oscars. Annoying and not worth my time.

    Your post on the white shirt/long skirt is fabulous. The look is timeless with its simple elegance. Love the Danielle Rollins pics.

  6. I totally agree, Beth. This is one of my favorite looks and the photos you included are beautiful outfits. I remember Sharon Stone and how "radical" her choice was at that time.



  8. I would love info on skirts too. The ones you included or some options in different price ranges. Thanh you!

  9. The Oscars ?
    Naked rapperfashion , not chic at all !
    The days of Audrey Hepburn dressed by Hubert de Givenchy are long gone .
    Tailored white men's shirts look so elegant on women , notice how beautiful a bracelet or a cuff looks ?

  10. I'm right there with you. I never even turned it on but I do crush on a full skirt and a white shirt. Classically elegant but still fresh.