Monday, March 21, 2022

Outdoor Wicker Parisian Chair Find

Outdoor Wicker Parisian Folding Chair

I have been looking for a while for chic folding outdoor chairs that I can store and then use for driveway cocktails (popular here), picnics, tailgating, extra seating in the lanai, dog park get togethers, and such. With all the outdoor activities here in Florida, these will get a lot of use. These will also be perfect for tailgating at Sunday Polo matches here.

I found these and think they will fit the bill perfectly. They come in navy and white or coral and white resin wicker and the frame is metal painted with a powder coated faux wood finish. It gets great reviews.

Click on the links. This is the navy and white.

Outdoor Folding Parisian Chair in Navy

And the Cameo colorway that reviewers describe as coral and white. These chairs are only available online, not in stores. Shipping is free.
And speaking of picnicking, tailgating, and outdoor dining, I have some great picks in chinoiserie melamine dinnerware.

Bamboo Melamine shown below

Bamboo Melamine Accent Plate

White Melamine Dinner Plates

The blue and white Bunny Williams accent plates are a fabulous price.

Bunny Williams Blue and White Melamine Plates

And there is no reason to use tacky plastic silverware when this 20 piece set of bamboo flatware is $16.99! These are even dishwasher safe.

Bamboo Flatware Set


  1. How do you find all this fabulous stuff?! Do you even sleep at night?! LOL! Thanks for the finds and the links!

  2. How fabulous that you have polo matches where you live! What are driveway cocktails?

    1. Some neighbors have open invitations to come to their driveway at an appointed day and time like Fridays at 5:00. You bring your own chair and beverage of choice and socialize.

  3. Love the chairs and ordered two of the Navy this morning. One for sitting at a table on the upper deck and the other can be used sitting by my Koi pond with a cup of coffee in the morning feeding the fish. Love the referral thank you.