Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Limited Edition Rattan Candles & Diffusers

NEST New York

One of my very favorite candle companies NEST New York has come out with limited edition rattan candles and diffusers in three signature scents. They are available in a single wick candle, a three wick candle, and a diffuser in Bamboo, Grapefruit, or Cedar Leaf and Lavender. Note that the rattan sleeves can be removed and used on any NEST 3 wick candle, 1 wick candle, or diffuser.

NEST candles are truly outstanding. They are very long and clean burning and have the best throw of any candle I have used. OK class, who remembers the term "throw"? (It is how far the candle distributes its scent.) I think the wicker sleeves are really beautiful and I love that I can keep switching them out to new NEST candles - I keep a supply in my candle cabinet I like them so much.


Bamboo is one of my favorite scents. It is one of their best sellers and has become an iconic scent. Bamboo has key notes of white florals with green notes and citrus. It is very clean and fresh and not overly feminine. I would say that with most people I know who have tried it, it has become their favorite scent. 

Limited Edition Rattan Bamboo Three Wick Candle

Limited Edition Rattan Bamboo Classic Candle

Limited Edition Rattan Bamboo Diffuser

The next scent is Grapefruit.

I know that grapefruit sounds really odd. But it is pink grapefruit with green notes, lily of the valley, and coriander and it's really delightful. I would describe this as very clean and crisp and to me it smells like a summer day.

Limited Edition Rattan Grapefruit Three Wick Candle

Limited Edition Rattan Grapefruit Classic Candle

Limited Edition Rattan Grapefruit Diffuser

The last scent is Cedar Leaf and Lavender, described as an herbaceous blend of rosemary, lavender, and sage enhanced with cedar leaves to create a serene spa-like experience. I am not personally familiar with this scent, but it gets rave reviews, with people describing it as calming, gentle, soothing, and spa-like.

NEST Rattan Cedar Leaf and Lavender

Limited Edition Rattan Cedar Leaf and Lavender Three Wick Candle

Limited Edition Rattan Cedar Leaf and Lavender Classic Candle

Limited Edition Rattan Cedar Leaf and Lavender Diffuser

I love the marriage of NEST with these very chic rattan sleeves that are totally reusable. Such a great idea.


  1. I love these with the rattan sleeves. They look so summery. I purchased Nest's Moroccan Amber candle before the holidays. It's wonderful, but much too heady for warmer weather, in my opinion. That was the first time I purchased from Nest. One thing I also noticed, was that they have a very long life. These candles last a long time.

    1. The Amber is wonderful, but a bit heavy for Florida. NEST candles last beautifully and smell wonderful. They make wonderful hostess gifts.