Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Fabulous Finds - Valentine's Candles

Good Housekeeping

I love scented candles and burn them in my home every single day. For me, a truly beautiful home should smell as wonderful as it looks. I often buy expensive candles and love Nest, Diptyque, and Seda France, to name a few brands I especially like.

But for great bang for the buck, I am a huge fan of Target's Threshold candles. You will recall that over the Christmas holidays, I posted on the delicious smelling Forest Fir. I find that their candles look, smell, and burn like much more expensive candles.

My thoughts turned last week to Valentine's Candles and I ordered these three and I received them and really like them all. But one is seriously amazing.

Red Roses. Check out this beautiful container. It really smells like real roses. To me, it smells very much like the Diptyque Roses candle that sells for $70. It has a 55 hour burn time. And it costs $12. I highly recommend this candle. This is my favorite.

Red Roses Candle

The next one is Almond Shortbread. I was concerned that it would be sickening sweet, but it is not. It smells like Marzipan or an almond croissant. This is a lovely candle to burn in the morning with coffee or breakfast or brunch. It is also $12.

Almond Shortbread Candle

The last Valentine candle is Wild Berries and Verbena. This is a beautiful complex scent with floral undertones. The containers of all these candles should definitely be kept and reused.

Wild Berries and Verbena

As availability at the stores seems to be hit or miss, I would order online - you get free shipping with a $35 order which would be three candles. These make lovely little gifts for yourself or gift giving. I like them all, but definitely like Red Roses the best, and plan to order more before they sell out. I especially love this candle as store bought roses today are generally without scent and I do not have a rose garden here in South Florida as I did in NOVA filled with beautifully scented old garden roses. Just click on captions for links.


  1. Thanks for recommending Red Roses. I just ordered online and will get by Friday. I bought the Forest Fir candle in December after your recommendation and it was excellent. Looking forward to another great candle.

  2. If you would like to grow roses here, go to Crowley Nursery in Sarasota east off Fruitville Rd. They stock old heritage Cracker roses. I have 12 different ones growing and they do not take even a moment's bit of work. Belinda's Dream is my favorite.

    1. Lisa - it is a heat resistant rose that does well in the Deep South. Debbi - thanks so much. These are beautiful. I will definitely find a spot for some.