Friday, February 4, 2022

Dramatic Blue and White Pagodas

Jonathan Adler - Elle Decor

I have posted before on this jaw dropping foyer in the Palm Beach home of Liz Lange. I think the blue and white Chinese porcelain pagoda really adds so much to the drama. I have found some options in large blue and white pagodas that would make an incredible statement piece or pair in an entryway, a fireplace mantel, or on a dining room sideboard, for example. 

I have tracked down seriously amazing prices on these - other websites have them for for than double the prices I have found.

This 7 tier pagoda is 4 feet tall! That means that depending on the table it would stand about 7 feet tall. I think the 7 tier is the same one in the foyer above.

7 Tier Blue and White Pagoda

This 5 tier is 32" tall.

5 Tier Blue and White Pagoda

I love this one because of the details like the Greek key border at the base of the tiers. It is 30" tall. Please note that they call it a tulipiere on the website but it is really a pagoda.

Blue Ming Pagoda

Jenny Keenan Design



I stayed up way too late last night watching the Olympics and I'm watching the Opening Ceremony now.

Update - We have bought out the 7 Tier Pagoda. I will let you know if they restock.


  1. I would love to know what you think of the 7 tier pagoda. The one at Frontgate did not get very good reviews.

    1. The Frontgate one is gorgeous. If you read the reviews, it is because they called it a tulipiere which, as I stated it is not. It is a pagoda. Some people ordered wanting a tulipiere. They are all beautiful in person. We bought out the 7 Tier - it was a steal.

    2. I just received my five tier pagoda from Frontgate. Unfortunately, it did not have the stairs at the bottom (the reason I chose this one over the one sold by Overstock. It is still very nice but I was disappointed that the product was not the same as pictured. This has happened to me quite often with blue and white ceramics.

    3. That's a shame that they altered that detail and did not update the picture. It's such a beautiful piece and I hope you enjoy it.

  2. If there were an Olympics for being a great shopper, you would be a Gold Medalist.