Friday, January 21, 2022

Organizing with Style

Copper Rectangular Trays

January and a new year are a great time for organizing your home, and trays are a wonderful organizing tool. Trays make items look purposeful as opposed to messy. I was reading the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living and she featured these beautiful copper trays. They are technically designed for plants, but she uses one to create a mise en place for spices and condiments like salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar to keep stove side and then move to the table for dinnertime.

I am buying a couple for two purposes. First, I keep next to my kitchen sink my most used The Laundress products like their Surface Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, Hand Soap, Dish Detergent, and Linen Knit Dish Cloth and I like a nice tray to corral them all. I have gotten rid of 100% of those store bought chemical laden cleaning products and use these from The Laundress in addition to their laundry products that smell heavenly and are gentle on me, my home, and the environment. They are game changers.

Second, I have an aquarium window above my sink with granite sills and I have a growing collection of small topiaries including rosemary for cooking. I will get one for my plants. I love copper and these are beautiful and functional. Note that they come in three different sizes.

Copper Rectangular Trays

These will be a lovely addition to my mini kitchen renovation. To me, it is details like this that make all the difference.

Here are some more great organizing ideas. All these below are an additional 20% off with code EXTRA20. All can be personalized.

Dana Gibson Leopard Catchall - available in 3 colors

Wicker Double Wine Tote

Dana Gibson Leopard Tray - available in 2 colors

Wicker and Leather Tray

Greek Key Lacquer Tray

Navy Lacquer and Bamboo Jewelry Box

Iris Catchall Tray

Summer Icon Ceramic Catchall

Have a great weekend. I am posting a kitchen appliance update tomorrow.


  1. What a wonderful tip on these trays. They are perfect for so much. And the other items as well. So glad to read this! Very eager for tomorrow's post as well!

    1. Thanks. Wait until you read my appliance odyssey!

  2. While I absolutely love copper trays, I found out the hard way that they water spot terribly, even if they have a lacquer finish. Be prepared for the lovely copper to eventually acquire some imperfections.

    1. I personally love the patina of aged copper, but there are so many copper polishes out there if you want to keep them pristine. Car wax also works to prevent spotting and tarnishing.