Sunday, October 17, 2021

Smart Shopping

Koi Ginger Jar


You may recall my posting recently on this blue and white koi ginger jar I found at Amazon. I love it for my Florida home because it's so tropical chinoiserie. It's $83.58 with free shipping. It is 9.4" wide by 18.9" tall and weighs 7.5 pounds.

Here is the Pesca ginger jar at Wisteria.

Pesca Ginger Jar

It is $140.00 plus $28.00 shipping and is 9.4" wide by 18.9" high and weighs 7.5 pounds.

Lo and behold, the same thing at exactly half the total price. The point is that when you find something you wish to purchase, always check to see who else has the item and for what price. This happens with so many of the items I post on and so many things I buy. The price differences can be very dramatic - as in 100% or more difference. I found the same thing when I posted recently on Staub Pumpkin Cocottes with the same one varying in price by more than $200. But stay away from websites you've never heard of that just take PayPal as many of these are scams.

Other tips. 

Prices change daily. If you find a great price, grab it.

Don't make assumptions as to where you will find the best price. I have found items at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue priced better than Amazon. It all depends on the item and the particular moment in time. These are not the old days - with algorithms, prices change constantly on some sites.

Always check Amazon first - the majority of the time they have the best price whether on small ticket items or big. My Amazon Prime membership is worth its weight in gold, especially with the included Prime Video. Then check and see if you beat it elsewhere. I have even let my Costco membership lapse. I would much rather shop from my beautiful home and have it delivered free to my door. I have a huge Amazon distribution center 3 minutes from my home and items arrive crazy fast. And William Shatner in space this last week was too much fun.


  1. Shopping around does pay off. To me it's a sport.

    1. I, too, consider it a Sport and LOVE, LUV, LOVE the thrill of the CHASE - as in lowest price :) Take an extra few minutes do to your research online - and ALWAYS use a C/C - never from your Bank Account. You can DISPUTE a charge w/ your CC having your back - while getting your $$$ back might not be as fruitful - just FWIW.

    2. I agree to always use a credit card. BUT credit card companies do not always have your back. Disputes can take hours of your time and they often support the merchant. But they are far preferable to using your bank account for sure. But first, know who you are dealing with. If it's a company on the internet you have never heard of with amazing deals that just takes PayPal - run away as fast as you can. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I had a PayPal scam this week. And I can tell you PayPal was no help. Terrible response.

    1. Yes, always use a credit card and check out these internet companies you have never heard of before ordering. Many are scams. PayPal is not a credit card company and there are far fewer protections.

  3. These are such great tips, especially with so much shopping being done online. I always learn from your blog and enjoy it so much.