Monday, October 25, 2021

Modern Ginger Jars

Mimosa Lane

A wonderful way to freshen a collection of blue and white Chinese porcelain is by adding a blue and white ginger jar in an unexpected and modern design. I have rounded up some fabulous choices.

I especially love these pictured below -  they are available in three sizes and are hand poured in Oklahoma and hand painted by an artist. They are available in many colors and even in custom colors. Made in the USA works of art - this would make a lovely Christmas gift.

Navy Blue Brushstroke Ginger Jars

French Blue Brushstroke Ginger Jars

Brushstroke Ginger Jars


  1. I absolutely love this idea , Beth. It brings new life to the table.
    On a more traditional track, have you checked out Aldous Bertram’s new book Dragons and Pagodas? Just curious....

    1. A great way to bring a modern pop. As for the book, no - not interested.