Monday, September 20, 2021

Lounging in Style

Peach Garden Dress


My daughter Kate introduced me to LAKE and it has become one of my favorite clothing lines.

"LAKE was founded on the belief that the most comfortable part of your day should be celebrated. For us, these comfortable moments are nights at home with our families, weekend escapes with friends, a dose of me-time after a long day, and holidays that gather everyone together. We hope to be a small part of what helps you find comfort in the everyday and that you share that comfort with those you love.

The idea of LAKE came about when we were new moms and couldn’t find our ideal pajamas. So back in 2014, we pulled together a simple silhouette, a classic stripe, and the softest fabric imaginable, and we created pajama perfection.

As our families have grown over the past six years, the business has too. Our e-commerce business has expanded to brick-and-mortar stores in Charleston and Atlanta. And LAKE has been featured in esteemed print and digital publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Forbes, House Beautiful and Southern Living as a top gift for holidays and special occasions."

I have the dress above and several others from LAKE and love them all. They are effortless, feminine, and easy. Some I wear out, others I use to lounge at home, all are so pretty and so comfortable. 

See the entire line here and click on the captions for full details or to order.

Pocket Caftan in Balsam Stripe

Veranda Dress in Powder Blue

Patio Midi Dress in Spruce

Kimono Robe in Regatta Blue

Patio Dress in Ivy

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