Friday, August 27, 2021

Jackie & Jack

Jackie Kennedy

If you are like me, life would not be complete without Jack, more specifically Jack Rogers sandals, my go to shoe here in Florida. They are chic, comfortable, and colorful, and look great with caftans. 

 Jack Rogers shoes had an inspired beginning on the isle of Capri in the early 60s. It was the heyday of the international jet set, a swirl of famous faces and names, lounging poolside in colorful caftans, wearing sherbet shades against the Mediterranean backdrop. Chic as it was, one person stood out as the most vibrant of all: Jackie Kennedy. The First Lady, known for her impeccable style, never looked better than when she was off-duty—with her innate charisma, she had a way of making simple pieces look absolutely sublime.

It was on one of these Italian holidays that Jackie first met the shoe style that would become the Classic Jack Rogers Sandal, a flat sandal characterized by whipstitched leather and an iconic rondelle. On her return to Palm Beach, Jackie brought the shoe to a local cobbler and an icon was born. Easy and elegant, it quickly became a warm weather essential for women of all ages—not to mention their sisters, best friends and daughters.

This is the time to add to your collection with their end of the season sale. Here are some faves, but shop the entire sale here - there are tons of options and 230 styles under $75. Don't miss the baby Jacks below!

Heritage Jack Flats Sandal

Heritage Jack Flats Sandal

Jacks Flat Sandal

Jacks Demi Wedge

Boating Jacks

Baby Jacks!!!!!!!!!

And my go-to nail polish to wear with my Jacks - OPI Cajun Shrimp.

OPI Cajun Shrimp


  1. Another pair of Jacks coming my way. Thanks, Beth. Had to restrain myself from not buying a bunch!

  2. Any reminder of the halcyon days of Jackie are a welcome relief to the news of late. I remember her elegant style and how proud she made us feel to have a First Lady who was much admired in the world. I had the pleasure of seeing her estate before it was auctioned off, and now I'll have to go back through the exhibition catalog to see if any of her sandals were included.

    Your postings are a breath of fresh air - each and every one. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for following and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.