Monday, July 26, 2021

The Olympics & Chinoiserie

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I bet you didn't think I would do a post on the Olympics and chinoiserie. Oh ye of little faith. Well here we go. Especially after local Sarasota girl Emma Weyant medaled in swimming. Florida is second only to California for the number of summer Olympians. There are six Sarasota natives competing.

Vintage sports equipment and chinoiserie are a wonderful combination. I find this look especially charming in beach and vacation homes that tend to be more casual and outdoorsy. Perfect for an entryway or for a mudroom.

Here is some inspiration. These are my badminton and tennis racquets from camp when I was a little girl.


This is hysterical - I was apparently into bamboo back then - LOL.


Jamie Meares


Are you in the market for an umbrella stand for your home? Here are some great options for chinoiserie umbrella stands. Vintage racquets can be sourced on eBay, Etsy, and even Goodwill, but I bet you might have some in your garage. I have a friend with a gorgeous collection of antique walking sticks in an umbrella stand. And umbrellas are allowed too.

Blue and White Dragon Chinese Umbrella Stand

Blue and White Scenic Chinese Umbrella Stand

Blue and White Floral Chinese Umbrella Stand

Ming Blue & White Umbrella Stand

Vintage Blue & White Umbrella Stand with Greek Key

Bronze Faux Bamboo Umbrella Stand

Italian Vintage Faux Bamboo Umbrella Stand

Blue and White Chinese Umbrella Stand

Wicker Umbrella Stand


  1. Love the picture of the hallway with the shabby looking shuttered door. The entire vignette is terrific. I think it's cute that you saved your old athletic equipment, Beth.

  2. This is such a clever post and a fun idea. I am definitely going to do this.