Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Citrus & Chinoiserie

Mary McDonald


I was watching HGTV and for a Palm Springs flip, they planted several citrus trees and called it a cocktail grove - I love this idea. I would like them in a section of my garden in large blue and white Chinese fishbowls - a chinoiserie cocktail grove.

There are several varieties I would love to explore finding here including Meyer lemon, Kaffir lime, and the variegated Pink Lemonade. Another fun project!


  1. Cocktail grove! Wonderful concept!

  2. Awesome :) And, BTW, MEYER LEMONS are the BOMB ! You'll never want a 'store bought' lemon again !

  3. Sounds like a fun and fabulous idea. I've seen this room of Mary McDonald's before, and I just love it - the large potted citrus trees and the open French doors with the red drapes wafting in the breeze.

    1. A rare example for me of red in a room that I love.

  4. I love this- would definitely take any space, indoors or out, to the next level!! I always enjoy your posts-such great inspiration!

  5. Sorrento lemons are good too, especially if you want to make Limoncello.