Sunday, March 14, 2021

Garden Stools

Amanda Lindroth - Coastal Living

 I'm not sure what this space is or how it's used with its intriguing furniture arrangement. But I am taken by the exuberant use of rattan, the pops of coral, and FOUR Chinese garden stools. The table is topped with beachy staples - books, seashells, and hurricanes. 

I was thinking just yesterday as I cut palm fronds and monstera leaves from the garden, how I am saving a small fortune not buying fresh flowers from Trader Joe's weekly as I did in DC. And the cut philodendron and monstera leaves last 3 or 4 months! I think I would lose that small circular rug though or go bigger. There are also ten pairs in this space - lots of symmetry!


  1. I agree with you that the rug is too small. I think the space could also use some pattern to balance all the solid colors. Maybe a chinoiserie print or a floral print on the pillows.

  2. I like this room, but I agree about the rug. I love it, but it should be bigger. I like the chairs, but the placement is weird, too. I'm trying to imagine how they would use this room.

  3. It looks as though it is a dining room with all the comfy, proper seat-height chairs around the perimeter to be easily pulled up for actual dining. The current view is just for looks as you pass by... Love the symmetry and the asymmetry both.

    1. I love the space, but guessing it is a foyer.

  4. The rug ought to go. That's a huge demerit.

    I like different pieces on their own but in this room they are used in a very unimaginative way. Symmetry is fine up to a point...but in this case identical pairs placed in mirror opposites of each other with only the floor lamp (mercifully) not being one of a pair is just plain old boring. (speaking for myself, of course)

    Not sure what the 4 stools around the table with two low armchairs are all about nor can I fathom where one would sit and do what.

    Other than that, I love the wicker pieces, love the table and the chandelier as well as the mirrors and I would enjoy rearranging it all.

  5. The more I look at this the more I think it's a waiting room. Maybe for a dentist's office or something like that.

  6. Love the coral and turquoise. It is hard to determine what this room might be used for, but it has a softness that's appealing to me. Maybe it's the whispery color of the walls and the rounded shapes.

  7. I think this room is a big entry hall leading to a back veranda/balcony. The furniture is placed for easy movement, but I'd like to know if there are other doorways leading to other rooms. I love the colors, and the individual pieces. I don't like the size of the rug and the little white chairs look too small to my eye.

  8. Just found another picture of this on Pinterest. The pin says it's from an article in Apparently Amanda Lindroth is the designer, and it is the entry/foyer for a Harbour Island home.

  9. I'm just not a fan of this room as it appears in this pic. The floor and the walls are too similar in color, which can easily be fixed with some paint or maybe a large rug that covers most of the floor. Another big problem for me is that it lacks "jewelry", for me that means metal, crystal, mirrors and some black. I think all rooms can benefit from some of that. I see the two mirrors at the back of the room but they seem to only reflect back on each other and not really beneficial as far as adding some sparkle to the room. Lastly, too much symmetry in this room. We need some art flanking those doors at the back of the room and just a general rearrangement of the rest of it. I'd hang on to the bamboo mirrors, everything else I'd start from scratch.