Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Mixing Chinoiserie

James Farmer

Lots of chinoiserie patterns (and other patterns) are going on here, but it all works, doesn't it? And I am generally not a fan of colored lampshades, but these green are quite fresh and lovely used here. The wallpaper is Schumacher. 


  1. Classic, elegant, each element adding to the beauty. Screams spring!

  2. Love everything about this...traditional, beautiful, restful, and not crazy with all kinds of colors.

    1. It's interesting because it has many colors, but very subtle and understated.

  3. Green shades are a nice touch of unexpected color. Also like the console, the mirror and the sconces. Lots to get inspired by.

    What I would have loved to try here just for fun is: wire the wall sconces and put small green shades on them, and use the console surface to display varying height of live topiary in blue and white chinoiserie cachepots with a decorative darker bamboo box (color close to mirror) centered in the middle. Or a darker bamboo vessel of sorts filled with coral and large pink shells. A grown-up version of playing with doll houses and make-believe.

  4. Very pretty. Such a light touch for traditional Chinoiserie. Just right.