Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Vintage Miles Redd

Miles Redd

 This Miles Redd room is from many years back when he was first on everyone's radar screen. It was even pre his ruffled curtain fixation - LOL. I love emerald green silk curtains - I miss mine that were in my previous dining room. I can't tell if these have trim or a very small ruffle, but they are very pretty. I love the Chinese Chippendale chairs, leopard cushions, Chinoiserie wallpaper, and a vintage suzani used as a tablecloth. A lovely room.

I have been looking for a blue and white tablecloth for my breakfast room Platner table to use on and off. A vintage blue and white suzani would be perfect if I can find one in the right size. I'll see what I can find.


  1. Just ordered orange silk for my dining room in the spirit of Miles Redd. Hope I like them!