Thursday, December 10, 2020

Red Tropical Chinoiserie

Alessandra Branca - Architectural Digest

 This dining room in the Bahamian retreat of interior designer Alessandra Branca is a great example of what I call Tropical Chinoiserie. She mixes vintage Chinese Chippendale chairs, a RH dining table and rattan pendants from Ikea. Her signature red is especially nice at Christmas.

Do you see the red Chinese Chippendale railing? - here is the view. Who needs outdoor Christmas decorations with this red and green? And note the orchids on the palms that I have posted on. What a stunning view.

Alessandra Branca


  1. The chairs are gorgeous, but the dining room itself looks rather sparse to me. The orchids growing in the palms are just stunning.

    1. When the outdoors and view are this spectacular, I think things can be kept simpler.

  2. Love everything about those two shots.
    Love the combo of table and chairs and am positively crazy about the red Chippendale railing. Now curious about what the house facade looks like.

  3. The house is amazing. Very homey and casual, not over the top "done". A lot of restraint and good taste.

  4. OMG!! I am SWOONING!!!! Those ORCHIDS!!!