Friday, December 4, 2020

Christmas Decorating Ideas


I really like the palm lighting fixture here - a modern approach to tropical chinoiserie. But I also like the garland on the leaning mirror. I have a huge leaning mirror in my vestibule where my gilded palm chandelier is and might borrow this idea. One could use faux or real, lit or unlit.

Here is another Christmas decorating idea from CB2. It looks like they put a black vase and a white vase side by side filled with hydrangeas with a bed of cut Christmas greenery.

Both of these are used in modern settings, but could be used anywhere.



  1. I like both of these ideas - I will try out both. Thanks for sharing.

  2. At our treasure coast Home Depot today they had pretty pink poinsettias. Just delivered today and in very good shape and priced at around $5. They were located by the outside fresh Christmas Tree stand. Pamela