Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Blue and White in the Kitchen

Limited Edition Jonathan Adler Keurig Mini

 My daughter Kate alerted me that Target had this darling coffee maker half off for Black Friday. I had already set up a coffee bar in my kitchen with my Nespresso, milk frother, and French Press. I needed a coffee maker and this one fits the bill perfectly. I love that it's small and chic and blue and white. All my decor in my kitchen and breakfast room is blue and white.

I am brand new to Keurig, and the number of pods available is overwhelming. The pods also come in tea, hot chocolate, hot cider, and lattes. Any pod recommendations would be great. 

A two day cold snap here in Florida with temperatures in the sixties. There will be lots of socks and sandals out there. LOL



  1. You will love the Keurig, quick, easy, delicious. Plus I love the blue and white. We love Starbucks, Dunkin Donut, and Door County Coffee. The Door County is on sale today. We tend to use dark roast or a cinnamon or caramel flavor.

  2. If anyone needs a Chinoiserie gift for themselves or others, I wanted to recommend this Chinoiserie Baggu bag! They're my favorite reusable bag, and the pattern was launched in honor of the Met Museum turning 150 this year.

  3. I bought the Keurig mini two years ago after using one in my hotel room on a trip. I absolutely love it! I buy Caribou Coffee Medium Roast, which is a MN company. I have also used Starbucks Pike Place pods. I think you will love it! Previously, I only used my French Press to make coffee. Now the Keurig mini is my coffee maker of choice. I have been curious about pods other than coffee; however, I have never tried any other beverage pods.

  4. Winter delights with delicious cup of hot cocoa from Swiss Miss® or Café Escapes® specifically designed for the Keurig® brewer. Cafe Escapes also a great Chai Latte.

  5. There are lots of good coffee flavors and it's perfect for a single person household. We loved our Keurig, but started to feel guilty about the amount of plastic trash it creates with three of us using it so we went back to brewed coffee.