Saturday, October 3, 2020

Saturday Inspiration

Slim Aarons

 I had so much fun yesterday looking at Slim Aarons photographs and even came across one with a Chinese pagoda pool house! And thanks for all the comments that the other photographer I was searching for is Venice's Clyde Butcher. I am excited to visit his gallery especially since it is a few minutes from me. Here he is photographing in Myakka River State Park in Sarasota, one of my favorite places.

My handyman is coming over shortly to finish up a few things and my art installer is coming here on Thursday, so I am getting down to the short strokes with projects around here. So great!!!


  1. I mean who doesn't LOVE a pagoda-shaped poolhouse?!? Classic! And that particular Slim Aarons photograph is fabulous!

  2. The Florida native scenery is so beautiful! Sometimes I forget how stunning it is.

  3. The pagoda!!! Is there anyway you can do both? Slim Aarons and Clyde Butcher have completly different feels but are both so Florida. Another one to throw in the mix is Gray Malin .. love the beach ball one he just did.

    1. I love Gray Malin as well. BUT, I have too much art I love already and am trying to reduce, not increase. A conundrum.