Friday, October 16, 2020

Blue and White in the Garden

Agapanthus Twister

 I am delighted that many of you are avid gardeners including in southern zones, since I am new to gardening in a tropical zone. I am very picky when it comes to color in the garden. I love a garden that is largely green with a palette of white, pink, and blue. I love black in the garden as well. I am not drawn to yellow, orange, purple, or red in general. I use the same colors in my garden that I do in my house, and feel your garden and home should work together.

I love blue and white in the garden in the form of blue and white Chinese garden stools, fishbowls, planters, and ginger jars. As you may recall, at my front entrance I have a pair of blue and white Chinese garden stools, a pair of blue and white fishbowls, and a blue and white umbrella stand with navy and white striped umbrellas. I mentioned a while back that I planned to plant the beds on either side approaching the front door with agapanthus. I happened upon "Twister" and fell in love. A white agapanthus with lovely blue throats. So perfect. I love the idea of blue and white plants in the garden - I must find more now!

I plan on ordering them today. Everything I have planted so far is doing beautifully - foxtail ferns, African iris, bromeliads, gardenias, eugenia, elephant ears, duranta, brugmansias, succulents, and palms. Still on my list are camellias.


  1. Looking forward to photos of your garden and yard!

  2. Aren't those LOVELY???!!!!!!! Can't wait to see them in place!!!

  3. It's beautiful. I love a lush green garden too, and white, blue and pinks would be my favorites also. You may have already posted this, but would you consider roses in your garden? I have a fabulous rose in the mid-pink range that is a repeat bloomer, very fragrant, grows to about eight feet, (sometimes taller), and produces huge pink blossoms, similar to Peonies. It's a David Austin rose called "Brother Cadfael". I live in northern CA though, not in FL, and I do not know what it's one requirements are.

    1. I love David Austin roses and had a huge border of them in Virginia. HOWEVER, one has to be a real rose lover to deal with roses in South Florida. The heat and humidity makes them quite disease and insect prone - I was at Lowe's Friday and they had a new shipment of roses and they already looked horrible. I want things that love it here, not things I have to baby. And I do not want anything here that requires pesticides.