Friday, May 29, 2020

Herringbone Floors

The Fox Group

I have always loved herringbone wood floors. There is a likelihood I will be putting in some flooring in the new house. If so, I would love any of these looks. I think it pairs beautifully with Chinoiserie. The bleached floors are a more casual beach look, while the dark are more classic and formal. I have a really good floor guy here who would love this project. Aren't these pretty?

T. Duffy & Associates

Gracie Studios

Liz Carroll Interiors


  1. I love herringbone floors! So French! Personally, I prefer the darker stained floor, but I can see how a lighter floor might work better in Florida and coastal areas.

  2. Aren't those just STUNNING??!!!! Love them....the darker stain is so elegant! This new home, once you find it, is going to be so much fun for you!!

    1. I hope so. I have always wanted these floors and I think it would be a nice mix with the tile floors most houses here have.

  3. I adore herringbone floors. Gorgeous!

  4. Such a difficult choice...eeny meany miny mo!

  5. I think the T. Duffy floors are gorgeous. I much prefer that design to the thin, long planks in the first photo (although the bleached color is great), and I don't like the colors in the last photo.