Thursday, April 30, 2020

Golf Ball Decor

My Golf Ball Collection

The primary reason that I ended up in Florida is that my SO is an avid golfer and he wanted to play golf every day. He had started finding lost golf balls at his country club in fabulous colors and I said I wanted them. I had been putting them on my bone inlay table in my living room and thinking about what to do with them. (And BTW, he disinfects them soaking them in bleach before bringing them inside).

So I decided to see if I could incorporate golf ball decor in my Chinoiserie home just for fun. I took it as a little challenge to see if golf balls and tees could be chic. Trust me, don't search golf ball decor on Pinterest unless you want a really good laugh. If you want a chuckle, go for it.

Beginning to collect found golf balls in fun colors in my living room

I ordered these pretty golf balls from Amazon.

Golf balls in fun colors

And I found these Lilly Pulitzer ones on eBay -

Lilly Pulitzer golf balls

And 100 pink bamboo tees from Amazon -

Pink bamboo tees

Did you know that Rit has a tutorial on dyeing golf balls? Aren't the colors beautiful?

DIY here

I am still waiting on those two color ones from Amazon - apparently they do not think golf balls are essential as I have been waiting for three weeks. UPDATE - I just got an email that they arrive on Friday.

My collection in a Kate Spade ice bucket

Pink bamboo golf tees in a Chinese porcelain bowl

Pink tees

So perhaps this is what one does to amuse oneself while staying at home? Next up - toilet paper couture.


  1. Very imaginative! And that Chinese porcelain bowl holding the pink golf tees is absolutely gorgeous! The toilet paper shoes are tres glam, but I wouldn't go out in the rain with that heel:)

    1. Thanks, and yes, the shoes are best for a dry day. LOL

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! It's so much fun, and it made me laugh out loud. The Rit tutorial and the TP shoe! Beth, you are a funny lady! I don't play golf, so I'm not as up to date on them since my dad passed away, but there are so many amazing golf balls out there.

    1. Thanks. I am not a golfer and had no idea they could be so pretty!

  3. Fun! I grew up on a golf course in Ocean Springs, MS and had fun building a tee and ball collection as a young child. I always gave them to my golf obsessed grandma­čśé

  4. I had to look on Pinterest and you are absolutely spot on. My husband is a pro golfer and even he laughed. This is a man that honestly thought I would let a mechanical Caddy Shack gopher reside in a place of prominence in our sunroom. Odd, it disappeared. LOL

    1. The way some dress is bad enough without the "decor."